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Thank you for stopping by. I'm Karen Soleau, artist, surface pattern designer, and memory keeper.

A Jersey Girl at heart, I relocated to San Francisco as soon as I left school. I started my career as an art teacher while moonlighting as a freelance graphic designer. My passion for the freedom of children's art, combined with illustrative design skills, led me to create greeting cards, stationary, calendars, and patterns for licensing. I am known for my vibrant, simple, colorful, and quirky style.

Continually inspired by humans, I believe everyone has a story to tell. Listening to and imagining treasured moments is what makes my heart sing. My mixed media journals and painted portraits are a homage to the folks I love, and their unique personal stories. Creating a daily page gives me the freedom to play and the inspiration to create endless motifs for my surface pattern designs.

My paintings, well, they usually represent a curiosity and unpacking of  experiences, so I can get on with the delight of making patterns.


If you would like to see more of my collections or collaborate on a project, please contact me

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