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  • Karen Soleau

Photo Organizing in a Nutshell

Go from overwhelm to overjoyed in 6 Simple Steps. Chunk it and Chip away!

When you think about organizing your photos, do feel overwhelmed and anxious? Are you finding yourself worrying about where all your photos are, how are you ever going to possibly corral all of them, or if they are slowly being eaten by those outdated sticky albums? I totally understand. I used to lie in bed at night worrying about all of this (and more) until I came up with a simple plan for sorting through and organizing my photographs.

I will be elaborating on my process for the next 6 weeks to keep things simple. The trick is to "chunk it and chip away". No stress leads to success! Here are the steps in a nutshell:

Step 1: Gather - gather all of your photographs and memorabilia into one temporary place

Step 2: Macro Sort - learn the 2 second rule to editing the first pass

Step 3: Mini Sort - explore themes, people, and events

Step 4: Micro Sort - now you're an expert, learn tricks that help to organize questionable bits

Step 5: File - discover the rolling filing system that keeps you organized as you add photos

Step 6: Share - create art gifts, photo books, slideshows, calendars to share your photos

If "Photo Peace of Mind" is your goal, please sign up for my newsletter or join me here on Mondays to go through my tried and true photo organizing process. When you are done, you will be able to find any photo you would like to share, be able to make photo memory projects, AND get a good night's sleep knowing all of your photos are safe.

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