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  • Karen Soleau

Photo Organizing in a Nutshell: Step 1

The first step is easy. Gather! Don't forget your supplies--you probably have them at hand already!

Gathering your photos and memorabilia is a cinch. Find a place in your home that is a "staging area". It can be a space in a closet, a cupboard, a corner of the laundry room, bedroom, or office, or even behind a chair. Someplace where you can store your photos out of sight and leave them for a prolonged period of time. Go through your home and start gathering your photos; and I mean every single photo! Envelopes, bags, tupperware bins, boxes, old framed photos, albums, artwork, memorabilia--the works! You might not find everything in one pass, but as long as you create your staging area it will start to become "THE place" for photos. You can keep adding as you find more and more photo items.

It would be a good time to also start to gather your photo organizing supplies. You probably have a lot of these at hand already and they are needed for next week. Here is a list:

• paper clips

• rubber bands

• magic marker

• your favorite pen and pencil

• a shoe box

• pack of large square post it notes

• pack of small post it notes

• a paper bag

That's it for this week. Easy, huh? If you have any questions, please comment below. If you feel inclined, tell us where you created your staging area.

Stay tuned for next week: The Macro Sort....

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